FL Studio, Image-Line, Magma and Sounbags

Ableton Push: Today’s Future Sound specializes in the use of Ableton Push 1 and 2, which are hardware controllers designed specifically for Ableton. We teach children as young as third grade up to adults on the Push due to its ease of use in composing melodies and harmonies, chopping samples, manipulating sounds and effects, recording vocals and instruments live on the fly, performing beats and beat sets live

DJ Instruction

Vinyl Records & Turntables: The traditional form of DJ’ing, a foundation in DJ’ing, record selection and digging/finding records.
Serato Itch: Students learn to mix, scratch and blend songs on the Serato Itch controller.
Serato with Timecode: Students learn to use vinyl time-coded controllers to mix mp3’s and other digitally-formatted music.
Traktor Pro: An industry alternative to Serato, students learn to mix using midi-controllers and this powerful mixing software.