Dr. Raphael Travis and Dr. Elliot Gann in Conversation with Ann Kelley on the Therapist Uncensored Podcast


Check out episode TU123 – Narratives of Fear: George Floyd, Protest, and Community Empowerment with Dr. Raphael Travis.

The violence enacted by the criminal justice system isn’t new, so what makes this moment feel so different? Dr. Raphael Travis joins co-host Ann Kelley to break down the now global protests against the murder of George Floyd. Together they explore the role of youth empowerment, coronavirus, and narrative storytelling in helping fuel the biggest social movement in decades.

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Check out episode TU124 – Hip Hop as Therapy: Beat Making, Lyrics & Community Empowerment.

Hip hop can be used as a creative tool to resolve the deep need for self-expression and trauma in black and brown communities. Songwriters in hip hop culture are some of the greatest writers of our generation, they can use in-depth metaphor, satire, and wordplay to express widely shared feelings. This process literally gives a voice to experiences that are otherwise unexplainable and can be used to build community. Guests Dr. Eliot Gann and Dr. Raphael Travis show us the way.

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Dr. Travis is an Associate Professor and BSW Program Director at Texas State University in the School of Social Work. His research, practice and consultancy work emphasize healthy development over the life-course, resilience, and civic engagement.

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