#GlobalBeatCypher Part VII Saturday, April 18th feat. Laura Escudé, The Chop and Dr. Raphael Travis

And the #GlobalBeatCypher continues!!! Join us every Saturday, including this upcoming Saturday, April 18th, for a live stream via our Facebook page or Youtube page of live beats remixed by producers from around the globe and special performances! RSVP to the event page here.

This week we have world-famous music producer and musician Laura Escudé, Doctor Dboe of The Chop (Sydney, Australia), and Dr. Raphael Travis of Texas State Univeristy, San Marcos/FlowStoryATX (TFS collaborator and author of The Healing Power of Hip Hop)

Be sure to check out the sample pack below, which can also be downloaded for free! Remix it and share it during the cypher!