Pics and Video from Jackson, Mississippi

Our good friend, supporter, and incredible councilman (not to mention outstanding DJ!) Melvin Priester, Jr. has gotten TFS out to Jackson, MS and over the past three days we have been teaching music production/beat making to elementary and middle school students in Ward 2. At least four students stated that they wanted TFS to come back ASAP and stated “I wish I could do this every day.” Heartwarming and touching are understatements. Check our account for more, but here a few pics from the workshops and trip. The crew consists of Dr. Elliot Gann, Matty Moore (Bayroo Burner), Jason Lee (Autumn Turn), Moses Rhone Jr., and Adam McGrath (Humunkulus). TFS and Councilman Priester were featured both for the local newspaper as well as the local news/TV station so keep your eyes peeled!

Community center where we have been teaching: