Rave Reviews from Collaborators in Toronto: Success Beyond Limits


During the recent teaching trip to Toronto, Dr. Gann led Toronto-based instructors in workshops at various Toronto District School Board (TDSB, Toronto’s public school system) elementary, middle and high school sites. One of these sites was Westview CI in which Dr. Gann and his team delivered an after school workshop in partnership with Success Beyond Limits. They wrote a summary of the experience that was very flattering and was reflective of the level of student engagement. In their own words:

Over the years we have worked with countless facilitators, but few operated on the level of Elliot Gann and his team. The students we engaged for the workshop have been students that are always in our space, but rarely interested in any of the programming.  What happened in those two and a half hours was exceptional. The ten students that were a part of the workshop were so immersed and engaged that when our time was up they attempted to negotiate an extension or a second workshop this week. In fact, this negotiation began in the first 20 minutes of the workshop, as it was immediately evident that this experience was on another level. 

To read more about the workshop, click here or on the image below, taken form the SBL website.




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