Rock the School Bells Webinar

“On Friday, March 19, Rock The School Bells hosted a webinar titled, “Get Free: Creating Space of Infinite Possibilities through Hip Hop Based Counseling Practices.” The event also included breakout sessions aka cyphers for different educational settings: K-12, College, and Community Based programs/services.


This video focused on the K-12 Cypher led by Dr. Ian Levy (Assistant Professor of School Counseling, Manhattan College), Dr. Elliot Gann (Executive Director, Today’s Future Sound), and Matt Ledesma (School Counselor, Carlmont High School) with special guest, Dr. Raphael Travis (Author, The Healing Power of Hip Hop). This cypher was intended for the attendees to learn from and with each other, build and collaborate, and network with other professionals around Hip Hop based counseling practices. For more information about Rock The School Bells, please go to”