TEAMBeats Chile: TFS Director Dr. Gann and Una Frecuencia Collaborator David Guardado Take TBM to Chile

TFS is happy to announce that TFS director Dr. Elliot Gann aka @phillipdrummond has won a cultural advocacy grant from the U.S. State Department /Partners of the Americas to deliver programming in Chile. In partnership with Dr. Claudia Tramón of Universidad de Concepción and Chillán-based nonprofit Ñuble Urbano, led by Pracnes aka Juan Pablo Garrido-Marchant Pracnes, Dr. Gann, Barcelona-based Salvadoreño David Guardado aka Dr. Muluk, and popular Chileno Hip hop artists DJ Dacel and MC Billeta aka Paysndu will deliver free #therapeuticbeatmaking workshops and trainings in Chillán, one of the most overlooked regions in the country. Through beatmaking, the #TEAMBeatsChile crew will activate the community, and create an economic and social ripple effect there.

In the future, TFS hopes to expand this program to the rural areas in Itata Valley’s municipalities Quirihue, Portezuelo, and Cobquecura.

Dr. Gann and David Guardado are both Next Level cultural exchange program alum.

Click here to check out the press release and learn more about our collaborative project with our Salvadorian and Chilean counterparts!