TFS in Detroit/Pontiac, MI and Chicago


Dr. Gann is taking Today’s Future Sound to the Midwest! He will facilitate beat making workshops with the school district in Pontiac, Michigan (including Harrington Elementary, Bowers Academy and Pontiac Middle School) plus host an interactive talk/demo on the campus of Oakland University in Rochester. Drawing on his academic background in counseling and psychology, he will focus on the socio-emotional benefits of beat making as a method of therapy and positive expression in schools. The TFS model has already served thousands of students around the world; by teaching these methods to other educators, Dr. Gann is able to spread his program far beyond his physical reach. Soon, more teachers, armed with new strategies to teach academic content in schools, will be in a position to empower youth as artists and community members.  Professor Emery Petchauer has also asked Elliot to give a lecture at the Oakland University’s Educational Resource Lab called “Beats for Learning & Life: Therapeutic & Culturally Responsive Applications of Hip Hop Beat Making.” The demonstration will cover, among other things, the basic ideas of trauma, therapy, and neuropsychology as they relate to creative beat making in hip-hop culture. Throughout the course of his time in Michigan, people of all ages will have the opportunity to learn from Dr. Gann’s expertise.

RSVP to “Beats for Learning & Life” to attend and also get more info/RSVP here via facebook.

Beats for Learning and for Life - Therapeutic & Culturally Responsive Applications of Hip Hop Beat Making